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With off camera flash capabilities

This is how to make the Yongnuo RF-603C work with a Fujifilm HS50 EXR camera, the RF-603C can be got on the net from most of the big sellers, for a few pounds. This modification will make the camera focus with a half press & open the shutter with a full press, it will also fire a remote flash when using the second unit by pressing the shutter button on the camera, the flash will also work when fitted to the unit on the camera when the shutter button is pressed & when the second unit is used as a wireless trigger. It works the same way as it would with a Canon camera ( less the TTL bit ) but now it works with the Fujifilm HS 50. Hope that makes sense.

Remove the four screws "A".

Next remove the four springs & contacts "B", these are not needed, & solder a 120k ohm resistor between the J6 terminal & the VIN battery clip, this resistor can be 0.25/0.6 watt type, this resistor stops the unit going into sleep mode.

The remaining contact is needed to trigger the flash when its fitted to the hot shoe in the camera. The TTL will not work when using this modification.

This is how it should look when the resistor is fitted, now put it back together. This unit is the one to use on the camera with the trigger lead.

This is the Canon wiring loom that came with the RF-603C

This lead can be got from Ebay ( China ) for a few pounds.

JJC lead cut.

This is the two leads soldered together, & some heat shrinking tube

All finished, not really happy with this bit but its works.

The final wiring of the two leads.

Found a neater way, I got some 8 pin UC-E6 mini usb plugs from Ebay

Remade the wiring, with a 30K resistor

Soldered new plug onto the wires.

There is a wire soldered from the yellow wire to the ground terminal on the side of the usb.

The grommet is from Maplins code JP42V.

All most done.

That looks better.

Now all you have to do is test it, Put the altered unit in the hot shoe of the camera & connect the lead to the camera, turn on the camera & the unit that you have just altered both lights should come on green, then turn the other unit on, again both lights should come on green, then pressing the unaltered unit button half way down the camera should focus, & all the way down one light should turn red & the same should happen to the altered unit, & trigger the camera & flash if fitted ( external flash needs to be turned on ), then put the flash on the unaltered unit & press the button & it will trigger the flash & the camera. With the last set up if you remove the cable from the unit & the camera & plug into the camera a remote cable release ( RR80a ) it will trigger the camera & the flash in the remote unit. This mod should work with the HS30, the HS 30 uses a mini "B" 5 pin type plug, the yellow wire from the Canon lead is connected to pin 5 & the case of the 5 pin male usb & red & white wires from the Canon lead connected with the resistor as shown above to pin 4 in the usb plug. This mod works with my camera, but I cannot say it will work your camera.

Its up to you to risk it.

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